6 Sip & Paint Ideas You Should Know

Sip and Paint sessions are a fun and relaxing art activity anyone can engage in but they can get even more interesting when there are different twists added to it. A standard sip and paint session could be a group of participants painting an already existing template guided by an instructor, but at Art For Fun Nigeria, we offer 6 Sip & Paint ideas you should know.

Here are our 6 Sip & Paint Ideas You Should Know
  1. Art Jamming (Freestyle Painting)
    Art jamming is a term used to describe a painting session created by two or more participant in an unplanned and spontaneous manner, without any predetermined outcome. Guests are to paint at their own leisure without using any printed reference or following an existing artwork. It’s all about unleashing the individual inner creativity!
    7 Sip and Paint Ideas You should know
  2. Guided Sip & Paint
    A guided sip & paint session is a great idea for a group of participant to relax and enjoy a step-by-step painting instruction from a Professional Artist/Instructor. This paint idea which is more common involves using an existing template where the instructor will take every participant through the process from scratch to finish. It is exciting and quite competitive as the team can seek the best painting at the end of the session. It is also ideal for first timers who needs guidance as to colour mixing, brush strokes and more.
  3. Sip & Paint Your Mate (Pablo Picasso’s Style)
    Here is one hilarious and daring sip & paint idea mostly recommended for Team Bonding. As the name implies, it involves the painting of your mate or colleague. Every participant will be paired and asked to paint their partner as best as they can. The hilarious outcome would definitely break down barriers between them all.
    Sip & Paint your Mate
  4. Neon Painting/Painting in the Dark (Glow in the Dark)

    Bringing a totally different twist to your sip and paint party or hangout is a Neon Painting/Painting in the Dark (Glow in the Dark) idea. Neon paints are luminous paints or luminescent paints that glows in the dark. You and other participants are going to have a cool painting experience with the special effects of the paints and walk away with a bright and brilliant masterpiece. The painting idea is perfect for date nights, bridal showers and game nights with friends.
    Neon Painting Session
  5. Jigsaw/Collage Painting 

    Jigsaw/Collage Painting proves to be the most engaging and tasking but yet exciting painting idea for Team Bonding. Participants are split into small groups or as individuals and each of them will have to collaborate and participate together to create a mural. Each mural is a small part of a final design or image when assembled. Each member plays an important role in achieving the overall design of the collage which is why this painting idea is ideal for Team Bonding.
    Jigsaw/Collage Painting - 6 Sip & Paint ideas you should know

  6. Virtual Sip & Paint (via Zoom) 

    Are your friends & families not close by but you want to engage them in that celebration or the team/colleagues are far apart working remotely, or the organization has different locations? This is where a Virtual Paint Session comes in handy! A live sip and paint session is ideal to bring cohesion in this scenario as supplies are sent out to each participant in their respective locations and a live zoom session is created between an instructor and everyone you need to join.
    6 sip & paint ideas you should know

There are lots of ways to get your friends, families or team involved and excited while painting! We can help set the tone of the event with the right activity for your group.

At ArtForFun Nigeria, we can help you set up any of the above listed sip and paint ideas for your events in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria. You can also enjoy any of these paint ideas at our Studio in Lagos.

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