Art has been very well known to have unique effects on the human body, be it mentally or physically. In most cases, positive results occur to both viewers and also practitioners. Art has a variety of forms including music, culinary, architecture but for this particular article, we will be discussing on how paintings and drawing can be very beneficial to the human development. Here are our 7 Great Benefits of Painting & Drawing.

  • Improve Communication Skills

Some people may find it difficult to express themselves properly in front of people. And for many others, there are certain things in life that may be hard to express verbally. This is where art plays a vital role. By using the visual language, one has the ability to cross cultural and verbal boundaries in terms of conveying how they truly feel on the inside.

7 Great Benefits of Painting & Drawing


  • Enhance Creativity

As Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, a pencil or a brush is the easiest tool to help us visualise our inner thoughts and ideas.

The ideas we have in our minds only remain in the intangible world of imagination and it is that place where most ideas are in their best forms. By having the opportunity to put them out on a piece of paper, it gives us the chance to see clearly, to improve what we envision and to a point, be more creative.

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence

By practicing drawing and painting, we are given the chance to be in touch with our emotions very uniquely compared to any other human activities.

In searching for ideas on what to execute on a piece of surface, we usually try to get in touch with what we feel in that very moment. In that process, once we manage to grasp the feeling, we would try to find a rationale behind it and with that, we are able to intellectualize our emotions to a degree of practicalities.

  • Improve memory

Smart adult female student reading book in studio
In the midst of finding an idea on what to draw or paint, we tend to revisit the ‘albums’ of our memory storage; the places we’ve been to, the food we’ve tasted, the people we’ve met, the good and the bad experiences we’ve encountered, so on and so forth.

As we ourselves are in the position of wanting to gain an idea, this process of going down memory lane comes as an act that is very natural. Subconsciously, while we revisit these memories, our thoughts tend to revive themselves which is very healthy for the development of the human brain.

  • Problem Solving Skills

Drawing and painting help improving problem solving skills
Painting or drawing may not always be easy every time especially when we plan to improve. A big part of artistic executions is a vocabulary of technicalities and when it comes to this matter, trials and errors are our main best friends. But the good news is, as we have the ‘thirst’ to experience visual aesthetics, the desire to solve technical problems can somewhat be driven by our strong sense of motivation.

  • Self-esteem Booster
    Once we’ve accomplished a solution after solution when handling psychomotor issues during paintings and drawing, these achievements will give us a good boost for our self-esteem. It is a need for a human to feel special, even for just a little while.

    And when one has the ability to know do something easily that others may find hard, that is when this boost can help us feel good especially at times when we feel down about ourselves.
  • Reduces Stress
    One of the great benefits of indulging beauty or in other words, practicing art, is that it requires us to focus on one thing in one moment. Which also means that we would not have the ability to think about anything else. Depends on one’s level of passion, art can be very healthy distractor. In the moment we are very driven in accomplishing our artistic goals, reasons to be unhappy may easily be forgotten.

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