Our Basket Weaving Service is a DIY art of weaving or braiding cane materials into creative items such as baskets, mats, mesh bags or bottle holders all by yourself. It is an exciting activity where you get to create your own beautiful pieces from scratch using cane or rattan materials. You can enjoy our Basket Weaving sessions at our Studio which is located on the Lagos Mainland or have us at any other destination of choice.

Studio Sessions

Basket Weaving StudioYou can book to have a Basket Weaving session with friends, colleagues, spouses or buddies at our studio while you enjoy cool music, the creative view and serene ambiance of our studio space. You also get to enjoy complimentary drinks of choice, pop-corn and cotton candy (for kids).

Our Studio walk-in sessions are available on:

Days: Tuesdays – Sundays
Sessions per day: (3pm & 5pm sessions)

Our walk-in session are perfect for lovers dates, buddies hangouts, friends link up, fun relaxation and lots more.

Pre-booking is required with a minimum booking of 5 guests/participants.

Our studio offers a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can ease out stress, have fun with friends, hangout with family while engaging in different art activities. We offer a one-of-it’s-kind fun art centre where we create fun experiences with Art here in Lagos. To enjoy more view of our studio, CLICK HERE now.

Outdoor Event Bookings

Basket Weaving | Basket Weaving Hangout | LagosWe also offer our basket weaving service at your preferred location for your private events, corporate events, friends hangouts, team bonding sessions, bridal showers, kiddies parties and more.

We can help you organize your group basket weaving sessions by providing all the tools needed as well as an Art Instructor who guides the attendees on how and what to make their baskets.

So you and your guests will make your own baskets that you will eventually take home for yourself. You don’t have to be a professional crafter to enjoy a basket weaving party, we will bring out the crafter in you.

At Art For Fun Nigeria, we have the best creative team of great Artists & Crafters with several years experience in tutoring in events as we serve clients in Lagos and available to travel anywhere in Nigeria.

Book our Basket Weaving services today! To book our Service for your outdoor events, CLICK HERE for all required information to get started or simply CONTACT US for more inquiries.

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